Watch the Visual for Laroie’s Fire Rising

The Montreal-based artist and producer released the stunning music video for her latest self-titled EP’s opening track.

By: Sun Noor

Back in August, Gabrielle Godon of Heartstreets who producers her work under the pseudonym, Laroie unveiled her debut EP, which consists of a smooth electro-pop soundscape and R&B influences. Today, she returns with her follow up video for “Fire Rising.

Laroie teamed up with director Derek Branscombe whose known for his work with The Frnklin Electric and Braids who describes this visual as, “a hypnotic video that explores the intense passion and energy inherent in our bodies – sometimes dormant but unstoppable once ignited. Bold performances are highlighted by elemental visuals, ultimately creating a psychedelic trip through fire and ice.

Laroie explores themes of passion and tension, highlighting the flaws that relationships often come with. She highlights feminine energy through various colours and explores the contrast between fire and ice through aesthetics.

Download/stream “Laroie,” here.

Watch the video for “Fire Rising,” here:

Header photo still from “Fire Rising,” video.

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