Montreal’s Population II Sign to Castle Face Records and Release Their New Single, Introspection

The Band’s debut album À La Ô Terre, is due to be released on October 30th.

By: Sun Noor

Population II is a francophone trio of musicians whose known for their signature heavy and experimental and nuanced sound that blends elements of rock, free jazz and punk. Similar to their live sets which are both explosive and spontaneous, the band’s music is often a product of various improvised ideas with that same concept. 

Album artwork for À La Ô Terre

As the album’s opening track, “Introspection,” demonstrates those nuances when listeners are met with cavalcades of guitars ending the song in a thunderous crescendo, complementing the phased out vocals. The band mention, “With heaviness through experimentation, “Introspection” is an immersion in the mind of one who feels the energy of raw Rock n ‘Roll running through its veins for the first time. Instantly, comes the need to transmit and amplify it.” Population II also break the language barrier by using lyrics as an accessory that does not overpower the instrumentation.

The band’s debut album was recorded in Montreal with musician Emmanuel Ethier, who has previously collaborated with Corridor, Chocolat and Jonathan Personne. Together, the musicians have joined forces to create a powerful 10-track record.

Download/Stream “Introspection,” here.

À la Ô Terre‘s tracklist consists of:

01. Introspection
02. Ce n’est rêve
03. Les vents
04. L’offrande
05. La nuit
06. Il eut un silence dans le ciel
07. Attraction
08. La danse 
09. À la porte de demain
10. Je laisse le soleil briller

À La Ô Terre will be released on October 30th via Castle Face Records.

Header photo by Laurence Martin

Download/Stream “Introspection,” here.

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