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Listen to Annie Taylor’s Newest Single “Under Your Spell”

*Header photo by Sonia Carmona*

By: Sun Noor

The Zurich-based emerging psych rockers, Annie Taylor have just unveiled their brand new single, “Under Your Spell,” today via Taxi Gauche Records. The band is due to release their debut EP titled, “Not Yours!,” which will be released on April 26th.

Artwork for the single

Here’s a bit of background information on this exciting band; they’re comprised of guitarist and vocalist Gini, bassist Michael, Jan who is in the drums and guitarist Tobi. The band formed sometime around 2016 and decided to name their band after Annie Taylor, the woman who jumped off the Niagara Falls in a barrel back in 1901 and survived. Their reason behind paying homage her simply revolves around the idea of bravery and the desire to leap into something new. To them, honouring a brave woman simply demonstrated the encouragement of girl power, which the band stresses as it is an importance. As well, when asked to describe their varying sound, the band stated, “Girl grunge meets psychedelic rock with a touch of cheesy dark pop.” The band has also shared the stage with a series of bands such as Sunflower Bean and L.A. Witch, while also playing a series of headlining European tour dates.

“Under Your Spell” is quite a promising single for the upcoming record as it contains a perfect fusion of progressive and psychedelic rock, setting the tone for their upcoming record. The track encompasses a catchy melody, gritty guitar riffs that are quite prominent but do not overpower Gini’s smooth vocals or the other instrumentation. In terms of its production, the song emulates the raw and lo-fi sound of a live performance, giving it more of a punk appeal. The band has collaborated with director Dom Foster who has worked with bands such as The Coral and Hooton for the single’s music video which will be released on March 1st.

Click here to listen to “Under Your Spell.”

Annie Taylor are due to embark on another Swiss tour, kicking it off at Laax’s Indy Bar. To view all tour dates and keep up with all things Annie Taylor, click here.

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