Rejjie Snow’s Dear Annie Tour Comes to Montreal!

By: Sun Noor

Rejjie Snow’s short run of the North American leg of his “Dear Annie Tour” made a stop to Montreal’s L’Astral last week and it was quite the show. Following the release of his sophomore record Dear Annie earlier on in the year and completing a full European tour, the Irish rapper made his headlining Canadian debut in Montreal.

Snow was joined by Shay Lia, a local electronic/R&B vocalist for both East Coast Canadian shows, presenting some of her new material. Her set was very well balanced as it consisted of the perfect combination of upbeat dance music and personal ballads. As well, the audience was taken away from her comedic, sassy and fierce stage presence was very entertaining. There were various moments during the show where the crowd shared a few laughs with her and some where they resonated with her struggles, which was quite comforting. In terms of her projects, Shay Lia released her latest single “Funky Thang” back in August and is yet to release a completed record at some point.

Rejjie Snow’s set was very amusing, despite the simplistic stage set up. The minimal backdrop that simply consisted of his logo, a thick cloud of smoke and fluorescent blue and orange lighting hovering over the stage. Unlike most hip hop sets, Snow’s DJ put on an impromptu set in order to get the crowd hyped up before he was due to take the stage. The room was still filled with energy and the audience seemed to really enjoy dancing to those tunes, despite it being quite lengthy and only building up the anticipation. Either way, Snow put on a great performance that definitely made me look forward to his next North American tour.

Rejjie Snow is due to make his way towards the West Coast before heading back to Europe later on this month.Click here to purchase tickets for any of the upcoming tour dates.

Stream Dear Annie below:

Here are more photos from the gig:

Watch the video for “Charlie Brown” below:

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