Dream Wife Release Their Self-Titled Debut Album.

By: Sun Noor

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Photo Source: Hollie Fernando

Every era in music presents iconic and empowering women who use their platforms to use their voices while conveying messages through their art. Dream wife are an undoubtedly one of the most exciting bands to surface within the past few years. The English-Icelandic punk trio which consists of vocalist Rakel Mjöll, guitarist Alice Gough and bassist Bella Podpadec, met while studying abroad at a Brighton art school. Pursuing a career in music has always appealed to the trio. Despite being reluctant at first, the band took off in 2014. Their sound crosses between garage rock, punk and pop but carries an art rock and pop influence. The band lists artists such as The Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs, Madonna and David Bowie as some of their prime influences.

Ironically, name Dream Wife was derived from a romantic comedy from 1953 starring Cary Grant. Nonetheless, the trio reversed the notion of a “dream wife” by discussed that the idea was simply an illusion created by men which is non-existent. The band only realised the weight that their band name carried after they grew as a band and learned how it aligns with their ideas.The trio challenge female paradigms Creating a world where they’re in charge of their own destinies and spheres as women is very empowering.

After releasing their first EP entitled EP01 back in 2016, Dream Wife released their full-length album on January 19th which included their single “Hey Heartbreaker.” They made their US debut at SXSW last year the trio proceeded to play to a series of Canadian crowds. They have just embarked on their first headline US tour recently and are due to open for bands such as The Vaccines and Sunflower Bean this spring.

The direction of the album is quite unique, as the band wanted it to carry the appeal of a live album, which is why they altered some of the songs as they were based on responses from their crowds. Dream Wife starts off with “Lets Make Out” harmonies, prominent vocals and riffs that build up louder towards the end of the song. “Taste” and “Somebody” are both bass-driven grungy songs with distorted riffs and harmonies. “Somebody” is without a doubt my favourite track on the record, given its context, which is against the objectification of women. The final track on the album”FUU” is also another one of my favourites. It features Icelandic rapper Fever Dream distorted guitar riffs and a super catchy outro.

Watch the video for “FUU” below.

Stream or purchase Dream Wife here and click here to purchase tickets for their current European tour.

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